New Vote Canada_27


September 2017: Building an election campaign team
    • What are key campaign roles?
    • Paid and unpaid campaign assistance
    • Challenges of building a team over a 6-month campaign period
    • Training campaign team and volunteers
    • Key events: putting up signs, door knocking, debates
    • Team dynamics, collaboration, morale


October 2017: Developing relationships with key stakeholders
    • Building relationships as a candidate
    • Garnering support from local & key stakeholders
    • Understanding dynamics in the community around the campaign
    • Staying consistent in messaging as a candidate and a team
    • Asking for official endorsements and support


November 2017: Fundraising and the art of "the ask"
    • Overview of fundraising in the campaign context
    • Regulations and municipal campaign fundraising legislation
    • How to prioritise campaign spending
    • Samples of what campaign teams do on different budgets
    • How to budget on creating campaign lit, spending on events,
    • Issues to consider - campaign debt and debt recovery


 January 2018: E-day, data collection & door knocking
    • Collecting data: how to canvass and collect data
    • How does it feel to door knock as a candidate
    • Campaign lit to take to the door; flyering vs doorknocking
    • Doorknocking at houses, in apartment buildings and in condos
    • Door knocking tips: conflict, how much time to spend at the door, safety & FUN!


February 2018: Crafting a communications strategy
    • Telling your story: your campaign narrative
    • Building your platform and key messages
    • Creating a digital and social media story
    • Engaging the media: how to speak with print & online media
    • Preparing for debates, developing a debating style


March 2018: Closing the campaign
    • The first six weeks after E-day
    • Preparing to take office
    • Determining next steps
    • Considering political life if you do not win this election
    • Hearing from former candidates about their next steps post-election


April 2018: Taking care of yourself during the campaign
    • What to expect - emotionally, physically and psychologically
    • Staying healthy while running for office (yes, it’s possible!)
    • Dealing with and responding to campaign attacks
    • Common personal and professional challenges of candidates
    • Eating healthy
    • Coping with stress
    • Creating your Healthy Candidate plan
    • Preparing professionally to run for office